You must notify us in writing if your child will be picked up by any one else. Without such notification we will not let your child leave until we can contact you.

The school has a policy for supporting children with special educational needs which is revised every year. Our aim is for each child to have access to all aspects of school life, as far as is reasonable and practicable.


Using our assessment records and observing our children at school we are able to identify children who are having difficulties with their learning. We hold a register of those who are deemed to have a special need. Children on this register have an “Individual Educational Plan” held by the class teacher and which is available to parents at any time. Parents are given opportunities to discuss these plans and contribute information to them at Parent Teacher Association or by appointment. As a result, the staff is able to reach all students and make a difference in their lives

A successful school experience is based on the partnership of home and school.