CEO Message

The success of any school is measured by the achievements of its students. At SILK we believe every student can be successful and happy. Our approach is to offer a wide variety of learning opportunities with the aim of engaging every child so that they are excited by learning and enjoy their time at school. Learning is at the centre of all we do and we aim to encourage all our young people to become independent and confident learners.

High quality and passionate teaching helps each pupil to realise their academic potential so that they take the best possible results into a qualification-focused world but, equally significantly, pupils are encouraged to acquire skills, confidence and leadership qualities through participating in a broad range of cultural and physical activities and taking on a variety of responsibilities.

SILK’s foundation is based on Islamic Values and we aim to educate our students with all the Quranic teachings and knowledge.

Our network offers the finest and the most advanced techniques and equipments that are required to meet the challenges of the modern world. Brain development program, use of advanced digital equipment and interactive board are some of the examples of the methodology being put behind development of a child. Expert, dedicated staff, an inclusive and extensive curriculum which offers aspirational opportunities for all, a vision and the drive to create impressive facilities, a stimulating and challenging academic program and opportunities to succeed and grow emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually and most important of all spiritually.

In this era of competition our network associate will be privileged with all the academic, curricular, extra-curricular and any other support that is needed in running and managing his/her school. A dedicated web portal, daily lesson plans, complete examinations and tests along with result compiling on web portal, comprehensive and focused teachers training, biometric system of attendance etc are a few glimpses of a setup that will be called “School of Tomorrow”.

I firmly believe that the blend of religious and modern education in our system will bring a change. INSHA ALLAH.

Azhar Khalil Kailani
Managing Director / CEO