Sales And Marketing

Serving as Director Sales in SILK School System is an opportunity I feel fortunate to experience. The hard work, sweat and devotion that’s been put into building this school will definitely provide a brighter future for the children in this country

Our aim is to develop such skills, abilities and attitudes that can bring out the best in a child on mental, academic, intellectual, physical and cultural grounds. We can well realize the global challenges that directly or indirectly influence every individual nowadays. We know what can work to get them ready to cope with these challenges.

SILK is an ideal place for the students looking for world class education in a safe and sound academic environment. All parents want their kids to do well in their lives, but let’s face it! Only a few can realize what can really work to achieve that. Choosing a right academic institute plays a vital role in this regard and parents are often in a fix when they have to choose one from such a plethora of options. I’ve no qualm to say that SILK has made it easier for the parents to choose the right academic institute for their kids. As SILK is the place where their kids can get the best education in a safe and creative environment. We really care about the future of this country and its children.

Director Sales & Marketing