Information And Comunication technology

Developing capability in ICT helps all students become part of the rapidly changing world in which technology is an essential part. ICT helps students take greater responsibility for their own learning, plan and organize their ideas, and produce and present work of a high standard. It can also encourage creativity. It is important to keep in mind that the role of ICT in the primary classroom is principally that of educational tool. It is there to provide a further means for the teacher to plan alternative teaching and learning strategies, and to provide students with a different learning environment.

We want our students to get the best learning environment and make the most of it in their day to day lives. This is what can turn them into confident, aware and articulate citizens of the global village. We help our students achieve their full academic as well as social potential. We guide them to positively respond to the challenges and opportunities in this every-moment-changing world.

Abdul Majeed Zubair
Director ICT