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Test Preparation


What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System. You want to go aboard for studies or you want to migrate you have to pass the ielts test. Bards depend on your told score. There is simply no may out but to go desired score.
Test structure
IELTS test structure depend on four basic modules


All of them are equally important and you’ll be given score from the total of 9. We give you additional practice material to make you proficient are have supplementary teaching point and exercises that reinforce the skirls to he coursed. The material we provide is directly linked to the IELTS test. All of our classes are aimed at developing on awareness of the skiles required in the test.

Common mistakes

(How to avoid them?)

We give you on awareness about what to do and what not to do. Special tricks of doing it better.
How to register

You can regrets yourself through British Council or through A.U.E. The main difference between the two is the speaking test in taken is the speaking test in taken by foreignness in the AUE and in British Council provide you with a headset while there is none in the AUE. You can easily approach the British Council testing system by dropping a properly filled form with two pictures and a copy of you pass post at standard chartered Tufail Road Cantt Lahore. Along with a fee of 8800/= and at 79 Zaman Park with the fee of 11000/= with the same requirement as mentioned above.

How to register at Silk

You can always apply on time and roll IELTS coaching system. You are mare them welcome is register in person as well we can he approached at SILK JOHAR TOWN.

Discount for ESL

If you roll in the IELTS course and pay the full fee, we offer you a discount on the ESL course.  The students can get benefited from the spoken English and business English only in 2000/= Rs.

Special Class

If you are fine or more them fine in number the institution can organized a class separate can the timings convenient to you. Because your convenience and case is our first priority.

We are different

We are different from the others in almost every way use charge our fee for the whole course not monthly and you won’t leave the class unless and until you are finished with all of your modules. Special discount for old students. No material charges. ESL (English as a Second Language) for those who needs an improvement in the basics of English. Mini and sample test are always conducted for your practice and accuracy. You can always take the test on time and win a coupon worth 500 Rs.

Professional guidance always available for those who are not the students, or just work in for guidance. Friendly environment and an educational behavior all around the institution. Meet and make new different friends. It’s a competitive organization full of dedicated staff.

Weekly test are organized

Just like the real ones. Which gives you an upper edge and make you much more confident?

Latest methodology in the field of pedagogy because we desire to contribute towards the humanity in general. Our system is not a conventional teaching one but we make you learn through gripping activities. Movie day every Friday is the most cherished acting by all of our pupils. We through free workshop every 1st week of the month. In order to give you an insight into IELTS ESL…………….
Get tested over for 500 Rs and get your feed back or get a discount on four conseqiurtive   tests

Spoken English

English as a second language, yet another activating class for the individuals with a desire for English language. We offer you 3 stages in this class. Lectures are based on the basics in the beginning and leads you to the secondary level, the learning process is such activity based that you learn without even knowing yourself. The spelling and sentence competition the 3rd level the intermediate level is of Business classes. In which you learn and master the communication skills and the basic of grammar. You become confident enough in the presentation classes debated activity makes you confident enough to speak in front of a million. The confidence level raises high. We organize trips for the learning purpose. Business letters and C.V writing is an additional activity we offer. We prepare you for the interviews and make you tactful in every situation. You learn so much so that you can skillfully couple with any situation and interaction whether be a local or a foreign.